Sunday, August 11, 2019

SpeedKoyot - Anthro [ERGN-ER058]

SpeedKoyot has arrived! Judge with your ears and not your eyes, for behind its furry-themed cover-art and title lies a thrilling selection of tracks which will appeal to wide segments of the Extratone cult, not just the yiffing few.
This EP opens up with a delightful melody, then proceeds to dazzle you with demonstrations of everything else you could possibly want from tones: there's atmosphere, there's speed, there's collaborations and it can get people dancing (it got me wanting to dance at least!). Track 3 (Dogfight), for example, very-much captures the feel of Diabarhian-magic, but there is an additional chaotic quality that will make you thrash-around extra-wildly! These tracks never stray toooo-far from Speedcore, so if you're bored of squeaks and drones, these should come as a nice surprise to you!
Overall, this is a very varied and professional-sounding release, an absolute essential for your collection.

01 Голос Насильник
02 Fun Fact
03 Dogfight (SpeedKoyot VS Pheryl Un)
04 My Secret Dnevnik
05 Jungle

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