Friday, August 2, 2019

KGIOM & Friends - Extatone Fucks Bara (Aint an Loli) [ERGN-ER057]

The first refugees from Extratone Records, it's KGIOM and his friends!
This is a great improvement over KGIOM's "Alice in Porno Wunderland EP", there is far more energy and force behind these tracks. To hell with sophistication: long buzzing tones, splitter beats that leave your legs shaking; that's all you need and all you get!

01. KGIOM - Nahtod (Cádaver)
02. KG & Double Psycho Drumming - Vibration on The Sex addicted Gurls (Every Lost)
03. M14dy vs KG & DJKuso Baka - Addict (Addickted)
04. MashStyle vs KG & Ivan Meko - Extratone Fucks Bara (UP THE ASS)
05. Suono - Fick Mich Jetzt und Fick Mich Hard (KG Bootleg)
06. JForce - Anulu Love Anal Mix (Splitterhelge Extratone Mix)
07. KGIOM - Hollow Halloween (Fuck UP) (FLAGER MIX) (Anthem 2 Say Fuck you)
08. KGIOM with Daisuki and Akashi - Hopeless (vocals by CDR)

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