Sunday, August 18, 2019

Exp-23.25 - Over-Awareness [ERGN-ER059]

Exp-23.25, the sixth face of Darkblack XIIIs (currently) eight-way-split soul. Acting as a Hypertone-Horcrux, Exp-23.25 is focused on pushing the limits of Extratone past the claimed 1,200,000 BPM limit. Starting off at 6000 BPM with 'Trapped in an Human Body', this EP takes the listener on a dizzying journey, breaking into Hypertone territory by track 3 and not halting before reaching a googology-tier 1,555,008,360 BPM with 'Dyslexia'. The result is mysterious and ambient, so will appeal more to experimental-noisy-types than to usual Extratone tastes.

01 Trapped in an Human Body (6000 BPM)
02 Euphoria in the Near-Death State (15,400 - 986,700 BPM)
03 Two Against Billions (4,181,220 BPM)
04 Dyslexia (1,555,008,360 BPM)

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