Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hexagen66 - Kral is Dead [ERGN-ER060]

"Style evolves until it has reached the point of perfection" - Headhunterz

Unfortunately, in evolution there are winners, and there are losers:
Just as mammals replaced the dinosaurs and birds replaced the pterosaurs, now Hexagen66 replaces Kral. Naturally, these new Hexagenic-tracks are far stronger, faster and meaner than those that came before. Another great push towards mystical Extratone perfection!

This final release of Extratone Rec is the perfect way to wrap-things-up, Hexagen66 expertly bends his tones (and seemingly the rules of reality itself!) into intricate patterns fit for a wide variety of moods. Unsurprisingly, this is my favourite Extratone release of the year so far!

01 Kral is Dead
02 Alice
03 Positronic (No Future)
04 Dirty Tape
05 Roller Coaster Demon
06 Carrie White

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